Custom CNC Machining in Sacramento, CA

Have you been searching for a dedicated machining company to manufacture your custom engineered product only to be faced with a chop shop that butchers your specs? Or have they tried to add in new fees and extra charges that were not discussed initially? Shady business practices, unreliable operators, and missed deadlines are all issues manufacturing engineers face. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) come up against these issues regularly. Evden Enterprises offers a solution to all of these issues. We have provided precision custom machining services for mechanical and manufacturing engineers in the Sacramento, CA, area for over 30 years.


Custom Machining Services

in Sacramento, CA

Evden Enterprises provides 5-axis CNC machining and 9-axis CNC machining for a diversified range of clients’ requirements. By working directly with the mechanical and manufacturing engineers to streamline production, we can deliver higher quality, cost-saving products to our clients. Fostering a positive connection with our customers also helps with offering feedback on a product’s manufacturability to save them money.

Custom machining at the Evden Enterprises facilities is comprised of a wide array of machining centers. The variety of machining available provides us with the capability to create custom work for our clients quickly and efficiently while highly cost-effective. Our team works with multiple mills and CNC lathes to produce the exact part at the exact spec needed.

The mills we use are far more accurate and less time-consuming because the multi-axis machines can handle most jobs start to finish. They do not require a part to be repositioned or moved to another device for more complex parts. We provide machining for several leading OEMs and have received many quality awards from them.

The mill saves on processing time because they can do multiple operations on the same part simultaneously. Manufactured parts come off out machinery fully machined to exact specifications and ready to go straight into shipping containers. The most significant benefits of these services are the time savings and cost savings provided by the speed and accuracy of the multi-axis mills. Manufacturing and mechanical engineers appreciate the tight tolerance adherence we provide.

Our 5-axis center lets us access five sides of a part in one operation, meaning the tolerances and precision will be much tighter than can be obtained using the more traditional machining processes of moving the part multiple times. We also use a multiple pallet system, which allows up to 40 pallets to run different parts simultaneously. With this ability, we can be flexible and surpass mechanical and manufacturing engineers’ expectations of quality and delivery.

Sure, there are several machining companies around the Sacramento, CA, area. However, you are unlikely to find one with the experience and service that Evden Enterprises provides. There are reasons that we have been in business longer than most, and that we have received multiple awards from well-known OEMs over the years and our ship-to-stock certifications. By delivering precision, high-quality custom CNC machined parts to purchasers, mechanical and manufacturing engineers, we have established ourselves as industry leaders.

Custom Machining FAQs

We strive to deliver the best price, service, and quality of work for our customers. Please let us help you with any questions you may have. We offer the best products at the best prices.
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What Materials can you work in?

Evden Enterprises works with a wide array of materials. The ability to work with several types of materials keeps us at the forefront of the custom machining industry. Some of the materials we use are:

  • Titanium: High-Temperature Alloys, Hastelloy, All Stainless Steel Alloys, Aluminum, Brass/Bronze
  • Plastics: Acetal, Vespel Peek, Torlon, Ultem

What Machinery do you use?

Along with our multi-axis machines, we have several 3 Axis CNC Mills and multiple live tooling capable 2-axis lathes that are all connected by DNC to the CAD/CAM department.


CNC Lathes

  • 1 Nakamura SC-250M Turn/mill center
  • 1 Mori-Seiki CL-15 CNC Turning Center
  • 2 Mori-Seiki CL-20B Turning Center
  • 1 Nakamura TMC 15 Turning Center
  • 2 Nakamura TMC 20II CNC Turning Centers
  • 1 Mori-Seiki SL-15 CNC Turning Center

CNC Mills

  • 2 Matsuura ES-450 Horizontal Machining Center
  • 2 Matsuura 800 CNC Machining centers
  • 2 Matsuura 510 CNC Machining Centers
  • 2 Matsuura 600 CNC Machining Centers
  • 1 Matsuura 600 CNC Machining Center
  • 1 Matsuura 800 CNC Machining Center

How much do your services cost?

Our costs vary depending on the job. The complexities of machining different materials and specs make each job unique. Our experienced machining team is ready to help you determine the best way forward. We can offer exceptional services while saving you time and money. Contact us today at 707-462-0375.