What Does a CNC Machine Do?

Cnc Machine

A CNC machine is an integral part of many industries. Whether used in manufacturing auto parts or by a hobbyist to create detailed woodworks, the CNC machine is the perfect tool for the job. Applications range depending on the industry, varying from oil fields and power creation to aircraft parts and water management. Evden Enterprises […]

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Benefits of a Small CNC Machine for Metal

Cnc Machine For Metal

When people think of CNC machining, they assume it involves a large fabrication machine with a significant footprint, the size of a medium room. There has to be space for the work unit, the power system, and the computer to drive the CNC machine. The larger the parts that the CNC machine needs to create, […]

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What is a CNC Milling Machine Used For?

Cnc Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machines provide incredible flexibility in production, whether in commercial or industrial applications. Precision machining is what you get when working with Evden. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, milling allows supreme attention to detail since the computer constantly monitors and provides feedback to the machinist.  The overall popularity of these machines is growing for […]

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Understanding 3-Axis Machining Value

As folks learn when exploring CNC machining, a computer controls all the movement of the machining tools, and that control is based on a pre-written program the computer follows. The program reflects the desired design, which takes into account the shape, dimensions and material being used. Given all the above, the machine tooling then goes […]

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What Exactly is Precision Machining?

When the term “precision machining” comes up, many assume that this level of quality in machining is a standard. However, in reality, there is a wide spectrum of quality levels possible, from really bad to really, amazingly good product. Ideally, when a customer pays for a machining project, they expect a certain level of quality […]

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