9-Axis CNC Machining in California

Few machining companies in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Sacramento, CA—offer the 9-axis CNC machining capabilities that Evden Enterprises can. We leverage significant value into milling projects through our state-of-the-art 9-axis machining centers, passing that value onto our customers. Whether you have a particularly complex design or need rapid machining for limited runs, our facilities are ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

The 9-axis multitasking machines are the ultimate machine tools. They’re capable of significant improvements over even 5-axis CNC machining, including simultaneous machining, angle milling, profiling, balance turning and more. 9-axis machines leverage a B-axis and gang tools to perform sophisticated milling quickly and without compromising precision. We’re able to manufacture to extreme tolerances across a wide array of alloys, giving us the ability to machine nearly anything our mechanical and manufacturing engineers may need produced.

Our 9-axis machining centers deliver savings in the form of reduced processing times of complex parts. They take advantage of multiple operations simultaneously on one part (simultaneous machining), reducing total machine time and the risk of defects. This creates value for our customers, who frequently require complex designs at competitive prices.

9-axis CNC machining works best for complex designs. They’re able to machine consistently, without changeover, maintaining accuracy and tolerance in even the most stringent specifications. Manufactured parts also come off the machine directly to shipping containers. This vastly increases the quality and consistency in complex parts, as there are no manual loading operations involved. The end result is higher-quality machining of components and parts for the customer.

Our Equipment and Capabilities

We rely on state-of-the-art, industry-leading 9-axis milling equipment—specifically Willemin-Macodel and INDEX machines. These machines are designed for multitasking and have bar capacities of 35mm to 51mm, allowing us to accept and complete a broad range of products. Our equipment includes:

  • (2) Willemin-Macodel 508MT, 9-axis multitasking mill-turning centers with 35mm bar capacity
  • (2) Index G-200 mill-turning centers, dual turret/dual spindle with B-axis capabilities and 51mm bar capacity

Our capabilities also go beyond the knowledge of 9-axis milling. We can mill complex materials across a variety of alloys and plastics—including complex stainless and nickel alloys.

Consult With CNC Experts

If you have a complex design that requires precision CNC machining of the highest caliber, consult with Evden Enterprises. Call us today at 707-462-0375 to discuss the machinability of your part or component and learn more about our capabilities as they relate to 9-axis machining. We welcome projects, as well as San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Sacramento, CA.