Milling and Machining Trends: The Growth of Multiaxis CNC Milling Machines

As technology continues to advance and the capabilities of the machining industry continue to evolve, we have seen a growing trend in the use of precision machining in Ukiah, CA. By using more than one CNC machining axis, technicians have taken milling to the next level. But is it worth it?

Any advances come with a cost. More capabilities means more complex machines, which can pose new problems. Let’s take a look at this growth of multiaxis precision machining in Ukiah, CA and its pros and cons.

Pros of precision machining

The use of more than the traditional CNC machining axis in Ukiah, CA greatly expands the capabilities of a machine. By allowing movement along additional axes, the machine can create more features and highly intricate designs. Technicians have to perform fewer manual adjustments, and the time to create complex products is greatly reduced. This reduces costs and increases productivity.

Cons of precision machining

Of course, there are drawbacks to nearly any advancement in technology. Machines that feature more than the traditional CNC machining axis in Ukiah, CA are more expensive to build and maintain. They also require greater knowledge and skill to operate. Some technicians may feel that any more than five axes are unnecessary. For many products, this is true. In fact, most machines that have up to five-axis movement capabilities can handle most projects. However, there are many instances where the additional movements on other axes are helpful or necessary to accomplish the desired cuts.

Who uses precision machining in Ukiah, CA?

The use of multiaxis machining has become more and more commonplace as technology has advanced. However, not everyone offers this high-level machining. If your project requires this type of precision machining, look for a professional machining company that specializes in this type of complex milling. Not all companies are capable of delivering top quality results from these machines. Some prefer to stick with traditional machines and simple designs.

For the best outcomes, partner with a company that has proven experience with precision machining in Ukiah, CA. Look for longevity of experience as well as an established reputation for positive results. Ask the company about the types of materials they use, the capabilities of their machines and how quickly they’ll be able to complete your project. The answers to these questions will determine if you’ve found the best company to meet your needs for precision machining.

Your precision machining pros

Since 1981, Evden Enterprises has been providing high-quality, multiaxis CNC precision on almost any type of material. Based in Ukiah, CA, we are proud to be the local leader in five-axis CNC precision and nine-axis multi-tasking CNC machining capabilities, providing you fast and cost-effective products. We do all types of materials, from metals to plastics, aluminum, brass, bronze, high-temperature alloys and titanium. We’ve worked with various industries over the years, including the medical and oil fields. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. We look forward to partnering with you soon!