Selecting the Right Material for Your Machined Parts

Which material is best for your machined parts? Choosing the right metal is crucial to the outcome of your project. But how can you know whether you should use an aluminum CNC machine, or which is better in the titanium vs. stainless steel debate?

Use the following guide to get the fast facts about materials for CNC machined parts. For more information, contact your local CNC experts at Evden Enterprises.

How does material selection affect outcome?

The material you choose for your machined parts will affect the strength, function and form of the final product. It can also affect the availability of the part, since some materials are easier to come by than others. Another important factor to consider is cost, since materials vary greatly in price.

Which materials are strongest?

Often, product designers will dismiss aluminum CNC machining if they are looking for a strong solution. They turn instead to steel or titanium. But it’s important to note that the consideration should not simply be titanium vs. stainless steel. The little-known fact is that aluminum can be incredibly strong as well. Some grades of aluminum work very well for heavy-duty applications. Plus, this material is more economical, so you may be able to achieve the same strength at a lower cost.

Can I use 4000 series alloys?

A common myth is that 4000 series alloys are only appropriate for applications in the aerospace industry. However, the truth is that these materials are great for other applications. They offer greater strength than carbon steel and they are highly resistant to rust. Additionally, these alloys are usually easy to obtain because they are readily available in the United States.

Can I use general specifications when choosing materials?

When it comes to metal materials, there are countless options. From different materials to varying grades within the same metal family, the options are nearly limitless. Because of this variety, it is important to be very specific when choosing materials. Always provide exact specifications about your project and desired outcomes so your CNC experts can provide the best specific grade for optimal results.

Who can help me choose the right materials?

To sort through the options and select the best solution for your project, consult with your local CNC experts. Look for a company that has a strong track record of results in the industry. Find a company that has both experience and a history of customer satisfaction. You should also make sure the provider has experience with the type of project you are planning to undertake.

40 years in the industry

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