Three Reasons to Choose Nine-Axis Machining Over Five-Axis Machining

Computerized numerical control (CNC) machines with automated control are essential to running a modern manufacturing site. They require little human input for complex, all-in-one jobs. For every type of manufacturing operation, CNC machines are a must-have, driving your business’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You have a few choices when investing in a CNC machine in Ukiah, CA, mostly concerning the number of axes outfitted on the machine. Nine-axis CNC machines are more efficient, require less manpower and are capable of creating complex parts in one setup. Following are a few reasons to use nine-axis machining rather than five axes or fewer.

Nine-axis CNC provides an all-in-one comprehensive solution

The reason why nine-axis machining is the most thorough is because the part being produced can be turned and milled at once, reducing time in between production runs. Access to hard-to-reach areas of the part is simple and precise. Most beneficial to you and your business, the ability to work difficult materials with meticulousness and accuracy prevents mistakes or costly re-dos.

Additionally, nine-axis CNC machines enable seamless transition between operations—no longer do your production workers have to manually load machine parts each time a new machine task is warranted. More jobs can be completed in a single run.

Nine-axis machining saves time and money

Because using a nine-axis CNC machine to produce your parts in Ukiah, CA removes complexity from the process, it takes less time to produce more, increasing the overall capacity of your operation. Improve efficiency by incorporating this all-in-one solution and save time over the long run.

Furthermore, your workers will spend less time loading machine parts for secondary processes and instead use their time for higher-level tasks like machine part alignment and production quality assurance. There is less room for error and your staff is less exposed to injury or harm.

Nine-axis CNC supports your growing business

A nine-axis CNC machine is the ultimate in durable machinery, working for you and your business for the long haul. With more capacity comes more opportunity. You never know what new heights your business will reach, what new projects it can take on and how it will grow in the coming years.

Ukiah, CA is part of a growing global economy. Plan for growth and you won’t be disappointed. The more capacity you have, the better a position you will be in to take on new, complex and large-scale orders. Don’t shortchange yourself by investing in equipment that may stunt your growth down the road.

Partner with the best in quality

When you invest in a large piece of machinery, it’s important to have access to parts and repair professionals. An otherwise minor setback can be detrimental to your business without it.

Evden Enterprises in Ukiah, CA values your business and provides the highest quality care to its customers. Affordable and professional, our team works with you to find solutions to your business problems based on your unique needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about why nine-axis CNC machining offers the most thorough option for your business.