Top Five Benefits of Using 5-Axis Machining

Machines with only 3 axes are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays, most parts are carved with 5-axis CNC machines due to their improved accuracy and range of motion. Take a look at more reasons why mechanical engineers are requesting 5-axis machining from manufacturers in Ukiah, CA.

Quicker turnaround times

5-axis machining has a greater range of motion than other CNC machines. More axes means the machine can run continuously without having to stop for manual adjustment. 3-axis machines require a person to be present while the workpiece is cut because workers must change the positions of the cutting tools. Machines with 5 axes remove the need for human interference, which means more pieces can get created in less time.

High-quality machined parts

CNC machines with 5-axis capability produce better workpieces than those limited to up-and-down, back-and-forth and side-to-side motions. The cutting tool can achieve a greater number of angles, allowing it to get closer to the workpiece and make a more accurate cut. Workpieces carved on 3-axis machines often have flaws because the cutting tool can’t handle hard-to-reach spaces. On the other hand, 5-axis CNC machines produce a smooth surface and ensure the finished product reflects the intended design.

Broad range of part designs

Manufacturers in Ukiah, CA can achieve a versatile range of cuts with 5-axis machinery. The increased range of motion allows cutting tools to create finer details that wouldn’t be possible on a lesser number of axes. With better access to the workpiece, the cutting tool becomes much shorter and can execute more complex designs. Many industries now require parts with unique shapes that are beyond the capabilities of a 3-axis machine. Advancements in technology increase the need for CNC machines that can handle the demands placed on them.

Specializes in mold cavities

5-axis machining is now the standard equipment for cutting molds. The increased number of angles allows the cutting tool to reach farther into the workpiece and carve more intricate details in a tight space. Manufacturers avoid cutting molds with only 3 axes because they often lead to flaws in the finished product, which means the manufacturing company has to spend more time and money to rectify the issue.

Smooth curved finishes

A 5-axis CNC machine is the only model that can accurately produce curved pieces. The table rotates as the cutting tool moves along its axis, allowing the tool and workpiece to remain in contact even while creating curved sections. It’s technically possible to create curved edges by other means, such as a 3D printer. However, these printers are known for giving the workpiece surface a step-like appearance. Manufacturers in Ukiah, CA favor 5-axis machinery because it’s capable of smooth, flawless designs.

With so many advancements in technology, mechanical engineers need access to industry-leading CNC machines that can replicate the most complex, preprogrammed tool paths. The manufacturers at Evden Enterprises stay on top of the latest developments by offering engineers 5- and 9-axis CNC machinery that will help you unlock limitless possibilities. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you.