Understanding 3-Axis Machining Value

The Hi Technology Manufacturing Process

As folks learn when exploring CNC machining, a computer controls all the movement of the machining tools, and that control is based on a pre-written program the computer follows. The program reflects the desired design, which takes into account the shape, dimensions and material being used. Given all the above, the machine tooling then goes about its work, powered electronically, moving the material and tools until the desired product is produced. However, a good amount of work goes into the planning and program writing well before any work starts as the design makes a huge difference on the overall success of the machining project.

Angle and Position are Bread and Butter for CNC Machining

Different axes produce different levels of detail and quality in terms of CNC Machining. Today, the bulk of machining work is done with 3-axis machines, handling a good amount of basic fabrication that doesn’t need high detail at an intricate level, but does require work with material that is often harder and more durable, like steel.

The 3-axis reference applies to the axis points the CNC routing tool uses to pivot and turn around the material being worked. Generally, these include the X axis for vertical, Y axis for horizontal, and Z axis for depth. With these three directions, and a combination thereof, the machine can move around the material as the router works away, removing the excess until the desired program shape is produced. Again, 3-axis CNC machining is the base level of automated machining work, and it is most applicable on durable parts like engine gears and components, machinery replacements and similar that require high pressure, hard material and basic shape production.

Technical Depth and Experience Provide the Best Results

Evden Enterprises has been providing 3-axis CNC machining for customers for years, including finishing and polishing work as well. For high production of custom assembly and metal parts, 3-axis work by Evden is ideal. Contact our team to find out more and how 3-axis machining can be applied to your needs. With Evden’s capabilities, you’ll be surprised at your options and enjoy the high quality production possible.