Use High-Precision CNC Machining for High-Tech Materials and Parts

You’ve heard of 3-axis, 3+2-axis and 5-axis milling, but new developments have made it possible to machining materials on as many as nine axes at once. Today, CNC machining makes milling high-tech materials and parts even more precise, efficient and faster than ever. By adding new axes for movement, these CNCs can reduce the need for multiple setups, cut in up to nine different directions and drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to mill a part.

Is custom CNC machining right for your next big project in Ukiah, CA? Read on to learn more.

Comparing 9-axis to 5-axis milling

5-axis milling uses three horizontal and vertical axes, then adds two rotational axes around the X and Y axes. This allows the machine to mill nearly every visible surface, simultaneously, without having to change the setup and risk imprecision. For a long time, 5-axis milling was the pinnacle of CNC machining—but as advances have been made, 9-axis milling is quickly becoming more popular for intricate, high-precision parts.

9-axis milling, in contrast, includes the linear X, Y and Z axes as well as A, B, and C rotational axes. There’s a third set of secondary linear axes that lie parallel to the X, Y and Z axes: U, V and W. They’re managed by separate commands and allow the cutting tool to move in a perpendicular motion in relation to the machine’s spindle. This allows the machined diameter to be adjusted during the machining process.

Benefits of multi-axis milling

Choosing the right milling process is key to successful machining—and 9-axis milling makes it possible to get highly technical results in a fraction of the time. One of the main benefits is the “done in one” setup—that is, instead of programming the setup multiple times and manually moving the part to accommodate the process, a 9-axis milling tool can create an entire part in just one setup.

Using one setup is the best way to avoid imprecisions. If you have a part that demands complete accuracy, 9-axis milling is the way to go. You’ll get a supremely precise part in far less time—no need for additional milling, finishing or other types of machining.

Custom CNC machining in Ukiah, CA

No matter what kind of project or part you’re creating, Evden Enterprises can help. We offer both 5-axis and 9-axis milling for a broad range of materials, including plastics and alloys. No matter what the size and scope of your production may be, our tools and expertise can make it into a reality.

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