What Does a CNC Machine Do?

Cnc Machine

A CNC machine is an integral part of many industries. Whether used in manufacturing auto parts or by a hobbyist to create detailed woodworks, the CNC machine is the perfect tool for the job. Applications range depending on the industry, varying from oil fields and power creation to aircraft parts and water management. Evden Enterprises can match you with a suitable machine for your needs.

How Do CNC Machines Work?

CNC machines typically operate by software like CAD. CAD programs let you draw or upload plans directly into the CNC machine. The CAD software then creates a template for the CNC machine to follow.

The machine follows the plan coordinates to create the design by moving along the x and y-axis. The most basic of these machines work with one or two points, while some of the more sophisticated devices can operate along multiple axis points. 

After creating the plans and loading them into the machine, the first cut is done in a trial run to ensure there are no errors that could damage the product or machine. Once the operator is confident the plans are good, they will repeat the cut with the material and create the final product or part. The machine can cut the same project over and over without needing to be reconfigured. That’s where the CNC machinist comes in.

As advanced as CNC machines have become, they still require an operator. CNC machinists are the first line of quality control and can adjust the machine as it runs its tasks. A machinist is in charge of inputting the specs, keeping the material stocked in the machine, and watching for any mistakes while the cut takes place.

Commercial vs. Hobby

Commercial CNC machines are typically big, stationary devices with built-in computers and feedback systems. The operator can use the feedback to make any necessary adjustments along the way. A commercial CNC machine is too big to fit in a hobbyist’s shop. Whether it’s a 3, 4, 5, 6, or 9-axis machine, it will provide accuracy and the ability to run multiple jobs for years to come. Evden Enterprises provides everything you’ll need to get started.

Hobby machines are much smaller and can usually fit on a desk or workbench. The typical market for these is the woodworking market. The computer and monitoring equipment is not built in. The operator designs the plans on a PC that has the software installed.

Best CNC Machines

Several brands are available, from entry-level to top-of-the-line. It depends on the amount you want to spend. At Evden Enterprises, we offer only the best quality. High-end products are great, but if you’re looking to save money, Doosan is an excellent option. 

Doosan produces a machine that’s easy to use, well built, and reliable for a reasonable price. Available for both commercial and hobby use, Doosan has a wide range of CNC machines to match your needs.

The largest manufacturer in the US is Haas. They’ve consistently created high-quality machines for years and are experts in the field. Haas machines are popular worldwide and come in a variety of sizes and models for different applications.

Mazak is one of the highest quality manufacturers in the world, and the price point reflects that. If looking for a CNC machine that will be used regularly for several years, these are worth the investment.

Again, it comes down to how much you want to invest. Small models for hobbyists start around $500, while commercial equipment can run well over $100,000. 

Why Do I Need a CNC Machine?

CNC machines create incredibly complicated designs that can be replicated without end. A quality CNC machine can create shapes that are so intricate they are beyond the capability of manual cutting. 

The precise nature of the CNC machine makes it an excellent choice. They leave less wasted material behind while taking less time to complete tasks compared with manual cutting. CNC machines are a far more environmentally conscious option due to the reduction in waste and overall streamlining of the process. 

Buying a CNC machine is a great way to streamline your production process, eliminate waste, and reduce overhead. Most CNC machines can run with a single operator. Contact Evden Enterprises today for all your CNC machining needs.