What is a CNC Milling Machine Used For?

Cnc Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machines provide incredible flexibility in production, whether in commercial or industrial applications. Precision machining is what you get when working with Evden. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, milling allows supreme attention to detail since the computer constantly monitors and provides feedback to the machinist. 

The overall popularity of these machines is growing for a good reason. At Evden, we take great pride in offering exceptional craftsmanship on all kinds of materials and in a wide range of sizes.

How Do CNC Milling Machines Work?

CNC Milling Machines use a rotating cylindrical cutting device driven by the computer input along three, five, six, or nine-axis points. Multiple-axis units allow for greater detail and less chance of repositioning the material. 

The cutting tool is used to bore holes and cut details in the material to turn it into a usable part for the aerospace industry or possibly cut a beautiful design into a custom table or cabinet. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most precise cuts around. Our CNC Milling Machines are available to cut vertically or horizontally, allowing for faster production. 

Once the first piece is created, and tolerances are checked, the machine keeps cutting with the same precision again and again. There are different types of CNC Milling Machines, and we have years of expertise working with them.

What are the Different Types of CNC Milling Machines?

CNC Milling Machines come in two main categories: Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical mills have a spindle axis that’s vertically oriented, hence the name. Vertical mills typically have long cutting tools, while horizontal mills have shorter, thicker spindles. 

Horizontal machines are great for working on projects like creating gears, where they can be programmed and set to the task with far less detail than vertical mills. 

Vertical mills come in two main types: Turret mills and Bed mills. Turret mills perform intricate, highly detailed cuts and are perfect for smaller pieces. Bed mills are the preferred machine for more significant projects.

The Turret mill has a platform that moves around the stationary spindle. These mills are perfect for the highly detailed pieces for toys or small wood projects.

Bed mills work like Turret mills, except their platform only moves perpendicular to the spindle, whereas the Turret mill platform moves perpendicular and parallel. This slight change may seem insignificant, but it allows Bed mills to handle much larger projects.

Our machinists have the experience to handle even the most detailed, intricate designs. We pride ourselves on our quality and speed, getting the job done quickly and perfectly. 

How Does a CNC Milling Machine Benefit Business?

CNC milling is exceptionally precise. The parts machined will be uniform with little to no flaws, meaning you can be assured of delivering consistently high-quality components. Complex, intricate cuts are no problem for our team, and we’ll provide the finished product fast. 

The CNC milling platforms we offer deliver near perfection due to the lack of human interaction. Sure, they need a highly skilled machinist to operate them, but once the task is started, very little human interaction occurs. The mills do most of the work. On the other hand, standard milling requires the machinist to be hands-on, which can lead to far more flaws and mistakes.

CNC machines are costly, though once in place and working, you’ll see a significant reduction in labor costs and wasted materials. A CNC Milling machine can create the same objects as a 3D printer in less time and far more materials, making it perfect for aerospace, electronics, and medical device companies. 

Whether you need one piece milled or one thousand, Evden has the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job. Our team of machinists is highly skilled and has developed unique milling process knowledge. We work hard to provide you with the best product, fast. 

We’re here to provide what you need if you’re looking for a prototype build. It might be in your best interest to have us do the milling. If, on the other hand, you’re working with a standard milling machine daily, it’s time you upgrade.

We set ourselves apart from our competition by turning around quotes and production promptly. Our goal is to deliver quality products and excellent customer service. Call us to schedule a quote and see why we are able to take such pride in our consistently on-time delivery.