Why DNC Software Is Useful in CAD

Distributive numerical control (DNC) software has changed the landscape of computer aided design (CAD). On a metal machining shop floor, DNC technology allows a single computer to be networked with multiple machines. The result is more productive and efficient operations. Here are the basics about what a CNC DNC transfer system can do at a machine shop.

What is DNC software?

Essentially, DNC software is an all-in-one solution that links the wide variety of tools used in a metal machining shop. CNC machines, robots, CMMs, PLCs, laser markers, tool presetters and more can all be controlled through a quality CNC DNC transfer system. State-of-the-art transfer systems can support over 50 industrial communication protocols, giving you complete control over workflow processes from a single terminal.

Inefficient shops use USB drives, switch boxes, paper tape or a proprietary hardware setup to communicate with various machines like CNCs, PLCs, 3D printers and other devices. When you invest in a quality transfer system, you have a network that pulls the latest files from your server, and all changes that are made are placed back into the server so you can track your work. This makes the entire manufacturing process more reliable and efficient, reducing scrap and helping your whole production team be more productive.

Predator software

Predator software is one example of a transfer system that’s incredibly efficient for many shops. The software supports a large number of machines, and you can send, receive, drip feed, download or upload CNC programs all at the same time. It gives you an easy way to organize your manufacturing equipment by grouping them. No matter how much equipment you have at your shop, Predator software and PCs can be networked to support them.

Software systems like Predator smooth workflow at your shop by integrating the DNC with ERP and MES systems. If you make use of ERP or MES routers or schedules at your shop, a quality transfer system supports paper or paperless integration.

Shop owners can also reduce mistakes during manufacturing with transfer software, since they can support bar code and QR code operations. You can mount a bar code or QR code reader at each CNC machine, robot or other device. All you have to do is scan one or more codes and the correct programs will automatically download. You can feel confident that the correct programs are transferred into multiple head machines, helping you avoid product mix-ups and keeping operations running smoothly.

Another way in which transfer software improves workflow is by RFID operation. You can mount an RFID reader on each device, much like you would with bar codes and QR codes. When you scan the RFID chip, the correct CNC programs are automatically downloaded to the machine or machines. Again, you can ensure that the right programs are transferred into each head, reducing mistakes during machining.

Metal machining shops receive significant benefits when they use DNC software in their workflow. Contact the team at Evden Enterprises to learn more about how technology has transformed metal machining processes.