Why Five Axis CNC Machining Is More Efficient

When it comes to machining, there are multiple tools you can use to get the job done. Five axis CNC machines are one of the most efficient machine tools available, especially if you’re making a complex piece. Industries from shipbuilding and aerospace engineering to automotive and power generation use five axis machining to create their components. A five axis CNC machine can take a block of material and remove all but the desired parts, like a sculptor working in marble.

Here’s why five axis CNC machining in Ukiah, CA is a great method for machining your parts.

What is five axis machining?

CNC (computerized numerical control) machining is a way to perform a variety of machining tasks. Computers are programmed to drill, lathe, mill, cut and use other machining methods to create parts. This allows for greater precision and speed, as the functions are automated and can be carried out without much (if any) human interference.
Five axis CNC machining is the term for a cutting tool that can move in five different directions. It can move across the X, Y and Z linear axes, while also rotating on the A and B axes. This gives the machining tool better control, which allows manufacturers to produce complex parts at a precise, high rate of speed.
Compare this to a three axis machine, which can move a piece on the X and Y axes only. The tool itself moves on the Z axis (up and down).
A five axis CNC machine can produce results similar to what a 3D printer can do—although it may not be a substitute for 3D printing, depending on your goals.

Why five axis machining is more efficient

Here are four benefits of going with five axis machining:

  • One machine for most processes: Having to set up multiple machines to create your parts can be time consuming. Five axis machining allows you to create a “one and done” setup that saves time.
  • Produce more complicated parts: Because the material can rotate on five different axes, it’s easier to produce complicated parts quickly. CNC precision ensures that they all come out exactly the same, every time.
  • Better relational accuracy: Every time you have to create a new setup, the possibility of imperfections and lack of precision increases. Five axis machines are able to create a “zero” or “home” location that enables perfect relational accuracy.
  • Better surface finish: The fourth and fifth axes can be used to bring the tool closer to the cutting part, which means you can use shorter cutting tools. Shorter tools are less prone to vibration, creating a smoother surface on your component.

Five axis milling is one of the best ways to machine parts in Ukiah, CA. When you’re creating a complex, three-dimensional component, its precision can’t be overstated. For less-complicated parts, three axis machining is cheaper and perfectly sufficient.

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